ISO 14001:2015 on Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 – the international standard for environmental management is the most widely recognized environmental management system (EMS) standard in the world suitable for large and small organizations.

Based on the Plan-Do-Check- Act methodology, it provides a systematic framework for integrating environmental management practices by supporting environmental protection, preventing pollution, diminishing waste, and reducing energy and consumption of various other materials.

Beyond signifying your organization is an accountable corporate citizen, certification may significantly reduce the risk of governing and environmental obligation and fines. Companies that implement the standard and its management system decrease costs and improve company-wide morale, while growing the marketability of their brand.


  1. Since your organization is an environmental complaint, it improves your marketability and sales as an organization together in the industry. This also portrays you in a commanding position when being a part of either public or private tenders.
  2. The management system of the standard enhances and optimizes the organization’s process which reduces the overall cost. The complete supply chain from materials to energy boosts and minimizing wastage. It also contributes to significantly reducing your regulatory and environmental liability.
  3. The certificate promotes your company as an environmentally aware entity, thus strengthening the brand image.